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Safe Living Areas

We built all our structures on the highest security infrastructure. It works non-stop for you to live in peaceruz.

Architectural Design

Unusual designs, superior features, we thought of everything for a perfect living space.

Technological Structures

We have presented Smart Home Systems to you using the latest technology infrastructure. We make your life easier.

Easy Access

With our centrally located structures, you do not have to be far from the city. The city is coming to you.

Peace and Comfort

The only goal of the advanced technology solutions we use is to make the lives of our customers easier.

Quality Service Approach

Believe that you have quality services or products and would like to work with us We expect to drink coffee.


Park Doğa Panaroma
Loft Gaziemir
Park Doğa


Duraklar Yapı Ltd. Şti. Since 1995, Izmir's various It has implemented hundreds of flats, many workplaces and housing projects, schools and plazas in its regions. Since its establishment, with the firsts in the sector, with the understanding of creating not only housing but also living spaces, hundreds It has grown by adding value to one's life and making a difference with the long-term trust relationship it has established with its customers.

In the light of the developments we have followed since our establishment, contributes to the economy of the region, which continues to grow even in the economic changes and difficult conditions in the sector. we have aimed to be found. Our employees acting for the purpose of achieving company goals We create an organization with high performance.


We work with a professional team

A good teamwork always produces good work. We are always a team Ş., we focus on our business and do good work. By working only with a professional team as a vision, you are valuable We are happy to provide the best service to our customers. Put your build in Professional hands.

Safe Structures

Extraordinary designs, superior features, everything for a perfect living space we thought We are completing our buildings with the best quality so that you can live safely and peacefully. Feel safe. Don't be behind your eyes. We will continue to be the best construction company in Izmir by creating quality and reliable works.


Park Doğa Panaroma

Park Doğa Panaroma

Park Doga Panorama Houses with its magnificent panoramic view await its guests.

Loft Gaziemir

Loft Gaziemir

Enjoy luxury and comfort in Gaziemir, the city's prestige point, away from the noise of the city.

Park Doğa

Park Doğa

Park Doğa Houses are waiting for you with their unique architecture, swimming pool and landscaping.


Duraklar Yapı Ltd. Şti.




Park Doğa Panaroma
Loft Gaziemir
Park Doğa


Serdar Kaya

Serdar Kaya

Sales Manager
When we decided to move to İzmir two years ago, we were told by a few of our friends who lived here. We asked them to give advice and asked the best and most reliable construction company in the area. As a matter of fact, while visiting Izmir, this You will see the signature of "Duraklar Yapı" in many buildings that affect the texture of the beautiful city.
Nevzat Öztürk

Barış Öztürk

Real Estate Agent
I have been doing business with Duraklar Yapı for more than 5 years. Starting as a customer and a vendor our relationship has become a warm and close friendship. A corporate developed according to my experience, knowledge and feelings very honest company with structure.