Urban transformation is the project of buildings damaged enough to affect human health. Within the scope of the systematically determining the risk values ​​of the soil ground and the structure on it against possible earthquakes, life and property It is a public effort to minimize the loss.

The aim of urban transformation projects is to enable people in a more modern and more comfortable environment. to make them live. Duraklar Yapı A.Ş. Inc. Based on this goal, we use technology at the highest level and become a pioneer in urban transformation. We create original structures by synthesizing the building sector and the technology world in our projects.

In our residence, mansion, villa, flat office and plaza production with A + building production technologies Tailor-made professional solutions based on the special architectural demands of our consumers, taking into account the demands and expectations of the users. we manufacture. Thus, by producing exemplary structures in strength and quality with imported and domestic high-level building products, we always lead the firsts in our country. We produce and continue to produce special projects.

You are proud of being one of the leading companies that come to mind first when it comes to urban transformation. we live thanks to

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