It is better to pay attention to those who intend to give their land to contractors in return for flat. There are many points to know. Otherwise, the result can be disappointing. As Duraklar Yapı A.Ş., to inform you about this issue We have prepared this article.

Attractive offers by investors to land owners attracts. Now, giving land to the contractor in return for flat has become one of the most common methods used by property owners.

Generally preferred by those who do not have enough money to build on their land. With this method, the owner of the property, who negotiates with the contractor in return for the land, becomes the owner of a house or workplace without incurring any expense. Land owner He can either sell the real estate that falls to his share or get a permanent income by renting it out.

In recent years, when we entered the urban transformation process in Turkey, With the mobility, the number of people who use their land in this way is increasing every day. High demand of investors While constantly increasing, the rising prices add value to the value of the land.

In this case, those who have land in their possession have both the chance to negotiate with the contractor and their share is more. There are many points that landowners should pay attention to. Otherwise the result is disappointing can result.

What to Consider When Giving Land to the Contractor

  • References should be requested and examined,
  • If it is a new contractor, the financial structure of the company or itself should be examined in detail, strong references should be requested from banks and their environment,
  • Those who will create work experience and teamwork should be examined,
  • If the project is to be produced, contractors who also provide post-delivery services should be preferred,
  • An open contract should be made based on legal rules that do not leave both parties in a difficult situation,
  • The land must transfer the share transfer after certain rules, and if the obligation to transfer is unavoidable, it must protect itself by receiving a letter of guarantee,
  • Except for the contracts and zoning plans made, a non-production guarantee must be obtained and a contract with condominium delivery must be made,
  • Pay attention to the delivery time, this period should not exceed 12-18 months depending on the business volume and the region, and delays should be sanctioned,
  • Projects should be analyzed very well, plans should be created and the materials to be used should be determined from the beginning and written into the contract.

Advantages of Giving Contractors

  • They produce quick solutions,
  • They are effective in planned structuring and development,
  • They enable you to own an apartment without spending money, thus creating a regular rental income,
  • Land owners earn more money than selling land.
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