Duraklar Yapı A.Ş. In various regions of Izmir since 1995 Hundreds of flats, many workplaces and housing projects, schools and plazas have been constructed. Since its establishment, By adding value to the lives of hundreds of people with the understanding of creating not only housing but also living spaces with the firsts in the sector, It has grown by making a difference with its long-term trust relationship with its customers.

In the light of the developments we have followed since our establishment, contributes to the economy of the region, which continues to grow even in the economic changes and difficult conditions in the sector. we have aimed to be found.

High performance with our employees who act to achieve company goals We are creating an organization with Our service quality with the integration of continuous innovation and excellence and keeping our customers' satisfaction at the highest level is our most important vision.


Duraklar Yapı A.Ş. The foundations are solidly laid, With the aim of becoming the leading company of the sector in İzmir and in our region by realizing privileged and alternative structures we are on our way. Because we know that; A peaceful and safe future passes through a happy home. We, too, we build nests, not buildings.


All Duraklar Yapı A.Ş. Continuous improvement with the participation of its employees, to work with a team spirit aiming success. The construction and building services we add to our customers and society The highest quality service, product and to provide solutions.


Duraklar Yapı A.Ş. unity and integrity, understanding, perfection, It has been based on a number of values ​​based on elements such as responsibility and creativity since its establishment.

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